Unclack is the small but mighty Mac utility that mutes your microphone while you type. No more getting called out for clacking your way through a Zoom meeting on your clicky keyboard!

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Catalina 10.15 & above

Core Features


Unclack automatically mutes your microphone while you’re typing and un-mutes you when you stop, no interaction required.


Zoom, Skype, Webex, Discord, no matter. Unclack is software-agnostic and works in the background.

Pro Mic? No Problem.

Unclack uses macOS system controls to mute input coming from your default microphone. Any mic.

Hold up, let me finish.

Need to type loudly and talk? Easily pause Unclack from the menu bar and resume later.

Make Unclack Yours

Customize the Unclack menu bar icon with custom cosmetics!

Choose from one of three custom icon designs. Customize the menu bar mute indicator or disable it all together. Make it yours!

Unclack in Action

Turn it on and forget it

Unclack runs in your menu bar, quietly muting your mic when you’re actively typing. The small, unobtrusive mute indicator lets you know when active mute is on at a glance.

Need to be loud? Be loud.

Need to type while you talk? Simply pause Unclack from your menu bar to disable auto-mute. Helpful for occasional active collaborating like pair-programming where you need to type while you talk.

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Unclack for macOS - Automatically mute your keyboard while typing | Product Hunt     Unclack for macOS - Automatically mute your keyboard while typing | Product Hunt