Known Issues

Known issues / defects / quirks with Unclack.

macOS Monterey Bluetooth Device Issues

macOS Monterey introduces a bug with the system mute API. The result - bluetooth headphones have their output volume muted, rather than input volume, while typing. I’m working on a solution to this bug, but for now version 1.2.0 of Unclack addresses this issue by using a different API (the volume API) to effectively mute your microphone by default.

You can tweak this new default setting in Unclack Preferences. There you have the option to:

• Disable ‘Volume Mute’, reverting to the mute API currently causing bugs with bluetooth devices, OR

• Adjust the input volume during muted and un-muted states. This allows you to reduce your muted volume while typing (rather than completely muting) to just ‘take the edge off’ of your keyboard. Or, it allows you to adjust your un-muted volume, effectively setting your microphone’s system input volume while using Unclack.

Hopefully these settings make your Unclack experience better. Look forward to changes in future releases to streamline this experience.